Imam al-Ridha, peace be upon him his biography, intellectual opinions and political approval through Andalusian and Moroccan


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Imam Reza, sources, his life, Andalusian, political, stances


    It was for biographers and , translations   had the effect of showing the personality of the infallible imams, peace be upon them, and among these are the Andalusian and Moroccan writers, through their use of the correct scientific historical writing methods in the midst of the course of events they went through. Peace be upon him (the subject of our research) and among the writers who contributed in this field is, Ibn Abd Rabbo Al-Andalusi, (d. 328AH/939AD), in his book, (The Unique Contract), and Muhammad bin Abi Bakr Al-Ansari Al-Talmisani Al-Bari (645AH/1247AD), touched on Also in his book (The Jewel in the Lineage of Imam Ali and his family), and Ibn al-Sabbagh al-Maliki (d. 855 AH / 1451 AD), through his book, (Important chapters in the knowledge of the imams), and many of them whose opinions we will review on his fragrant biography, honorable ethics, his intellectual effects, and his positions Political relations with the Abbasid caliphate, and the research also included the important conclusions that we reached through this luminous page in the life of Imam Reza, peace be upon him.                                     


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