Altruistic Behavior and its role in Reducing Job NeglectAn analytical study of the opinions of a sample of employees at JaberIbnHayyan Medical University


  • Thawra Abed Kareem Al-Thabhawee جامعة جابر بن حيان الطبية



altruistic behavior, job neglect, JaberIbnHayyan Medical University.


Purpose: The current research seeks to analyze and explore the nature of the relationship between altruistic behavior and job neglect.

Design: The research problem is the limited interest in altruistic behaviors between superiors and subordinates in organizations and its impact on the functional work environment through the important role of these behaviors in reducing job neglect. of employees and at various functional levels at JaberIbnHayyan Medical University.

Society: The research community represented all employees of JaberIbnHayyan Medical University and their number is 245. The researcher distributed, using the random sampling method, (130) questionnaires, from which (115) questionnaires were retrieved at a rate of (88%) of the distributed forms, all of which are valid for statistical analysis.

Tools: The researcher obtained data and information mainly through a questionnaire, and then conducted a number of statistical tests using the (Spss v.23) program.

Conclusions and Recommendations: Focusing altruistic behavior on the cohesion, well-being and progress of the functional society, as the organization in which individuals who are distinguished by altruism abound, the relationships and interactions between its members tend to be on the basis of love and sympathy, so peace prevails, and everyone feels satisfied and interacts better with each other in the organization under study. And one of the most important recommendations is that the organization in question works to encourage positive ethical behavior and adherence to ethical principles and to stay away from negative behaviors that create a state of neglect among workers, since altruistic behavior is considered the curriculum for those who want success and excellence, and it is a supportive approach to effective senior management and is an important element for career success in the long run. the long.


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Al-Thabhawee, Thawra. “Altruistic Behavior and Its Role in Reducing Job NeglectAn Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Employees at JaberIbnHayyan Medical University”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 53, Oct. 2023, pp. 477-04, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i53.13524.

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