The impact of the pressliy model on the achievement of second-grade students in intermediate sciences


  • Instructor .Assistant Rahman Muslim Hamza Babel Education Directorate



The effect of the pressliy model, achievement, middle school students, science subject


Abstract :

The research aims to identify (the effect of the pressliy model on the achievement of second-grade intermediate students in sciences), the researcher chose a medium (suhl al-saadi ) for the daytime government boys in the center of Babil Governorate, intentionally in order to know the researcher in the school administration, as that school contained four classes for the second intermediate class, In addition, the school is located in the place where the researcher is, and by random selection method, Division (C) with a number of (30) students was chosen to represent the experimental group that will study sciences using the pressliy model, and Division (B) became the control group that will study sciences in the usual way, with the number of its students. (30), and thus the total number of students of the experimental and control groups became (60). The researcher conducted an equalization between the students of the two research groups in the following variables: (chronological age calculated in months, educational attainment of the parents, intelligence test (Otis - Lenion), science test scores for the first intermediate grade of the school year (2020-2021), and in light of the relative importance of the content For behavioral purposes, an achievement test consisting of (40) multiple-choice items was built. The researcher verified the characteristics of the psychometric test, and the application of the experiment lasted (8) weeks, and at the end of the experiment the achievement test was applied to the two groups simultaneously, after which it was analyzed The results showed the superiority of the experimental group who studied according to the pressliy model over the control group who studied in the usual way in the variable of academic achievement.


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Instructor .Assistant Rahman Muslim Hamza. (2023). The impact of the pressliy model on the achievement of second-grade students in intermediate sciences. Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Humanities, 2(32).