The informativeness of the Holy Qur’an in responding to misleading speech-A pragmatic argumentative study


  • مصطفى احمد عبيد العرداوي جامعة الكوفة/كلية الفقه
  • D. Imad Saleh Aljoher
  • Bashair Hashem Ahmed



speech, misinformation, pilgrims, deliberation


The Quranic Speech is a miraculous speech that God has brought down all and cherished on the chest of his generous messenger; For people's gifts and guidance to the powerful way, through arguments, evidence and evidence proving the unity of God bless and rise. This discourse is characterized as a speech to all mankind, and for all time, and it has had an important media effect in responding to rhetoric of disinformation between people; in order to repel them through presentation and peasant.

The researcher initiated a deliberative study of this media response to disinformation speech, taking from the argument theory a way to do so.

The researcher began introducing the terms of the title, then proceeded to study this speech in accordance with the argument theory by describing the most important arguments used by the Holy Quran in his argument to the misguided and from these tools) but, indeed, or, what... However, in its response to misleading rhetoric, the researcher took the analytical approach to describing the most important media purposes of this speech, using the books of deliberative theories and explanations.


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2024-04-08 — Updated on 2024-04-09


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العرداوي مصطفى احمد عبيد, et al. “The Informativeness of the Holy Qur’an in Responding to Misleading Speech-A Pragmatic Argumentative Study”. 2024. Faculty of Jurisprudence Journal , vol. 1, no. 46, Apr. 2024, pp. 277-93, doi:10.36324/fqhj.v1i46.15814.



Arabic language and its literature


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