The impact of the development of public expenditures in Iraq on some indicators of economic stability for the period (2006-2020(


  • Ali Abdullah Hussein Kazem Najaf Education Directorate



General expenses, – Public revenue, Gross domestic product, swell


                 Public expenditures are the main element in influencing indicators of economic stability, as public expenditures affect economic growth by increasing or decreasing production, through their impact on increasing demand, as well as unemployment. Public expenditures, especially investment expenditures, affect the increase in employment and thus reduce unemployment rates. It also affects inflation, as the increase in public expenditures with stable production leads to an increase in inflation rates, in addition to the fact that public expenditures have an impact on the public budget, because the increase in public expenditures without increasing public revenues will lead to a deficit in the balance of the public budget, and then its negative impact will be reflected.  On the Iraqi economy, so the main aspect of the research was based on studying the impact of public expenditures on the variables of economic stability by standing on the reality of public expenditures for the period (2006-2020) and their role in achieving economic stability, and formulating appropriate mechanisms to activate the relationship between public expenditures and research variables in the form  Which contributes to achieving economic stability, the research is based on a main hypothesis that the development of public expenditures in Iraq is  For the period (2006-2020), it did not have an effective impact on achieving economic stability. The researcher reached several results, including, when reviewing the structure of public expenditures in the Iraqi economy during the research period, we find that they are based on a unilateral aspect represented by current (operating) expenditures, and this is due to several reasons, including the rise in war spending, inflation in the amount of salaries, administrative corruption, waste of public funds and abuse of power  Which led to the loss of a lot of foreign exchange and its failure to exploit it in the appropriate direction for the purpose of achieving the public benefit, which raises concern about the present and future of the Iraqi economy unless the government takes urgent and effective political and economic decisions.  The researcher recommended the need to work on restructuring public expenditures and adopting policies that prioritize expanding the amount of investment spending and limiting current (consumer) spending for its important role in expanding the productive capacities of the Iraqi economy and addressing the problems of the Iraqi economy, especially inflation and unemployment


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Kazem, Ali. “The Impact of the Development of Public Expenditures in Iraq on Some Indicators of Economic Stability for the Period (2006-2020(”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 56, June 2023, pp. 522-41, doi:10.36317/kaj/2023/v1.i56.11215.

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