Reasoning and its role in achieving the principle of transparency in the administrative decision


  • Zainab Majid Muhammad Ali University of Kufa - College of Arts



administrative corruption, administrative transparency, administrative decision, reasoning, reason, administrative judiciary


In order to reach tangible results in the framework of administrative work, the policy for conducting administrative work must be clear, clear and transparent. Achieving the principle of transparency in undertaking administrative work has multiple benefits that cannot be counted, because development programs, the embodiment of democratic governance and the protection of human rights are objectives that can only be achieved by the existence of a general principle of transparency that governs the management of the state’s business in general and the administration’s work and activities in particular, and this can only be achieved in accordance with For certain legal mechanisms through which the real application of this principle is achieved, and reasoning is one of the most important legal mechanisms for applying the principle of transparency in administrative decisions It plays an effective role in increasing the effectiveness of oversight to verify the validity of management decisions on the one hand, and a reason for increasing the management’s interest in studying its decisions on the other hand, and then avoiding any mistakes A legal wrongfulness.


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