Artistic activities and activating the educational process


  • Mushtaq Abdul Muttalib Mahdi University of Kufa - College of Arts



Technical activities, educational process, Extracurricular activity, Technological link, Artistic taste.


The educational process consisted of complex parts that all cooperate together for the sake of one goal, which is to deliver generations to their mission in building society and developing humanity, achieving a continuous march of science and knowledge, and bringing societies to maintain their development and obtain more development. The mechanisms of activating this educational process by ridding it of its obstacles, and increasing the influence of its means were the main concern of those in charge of this process, scholars and observers. Artistic activities have drawn attention since the time of educators because of their great benefit to the educational process, not only in the context of educational attainment; Rather, it is also about education in general, psychological, physical, harmonious, cultural and emotional, as “the mission of the educator is not only to teach children reading, writing and cognitive sciences, but the role goes far beyond that, which is preparing the future generation and preserving the most important wealth, which is the human wealth” (), and therefore the interest in artistic activities has grown In schools and using it as an auxiliary tributary to the educational process, and to confront behavioral deviations and various problems facing students using the effectiveness of participatory, belonging, and art therapy, because “art education as an educational activity is directly related to the formation of man, building his personality, and realizing himself through the positive expression of his feelings towards others and towards his environment and homeland. Art education is It is one of the study materials that contribute to building the personality of the learner, forming and preparing him.


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