The impact of Nietzsche's philosophy on the aesthetics of the literary text


  • Zaid Abbas Karim University of Kufa- College of Arts
  • Hassan Mahdi Mustafa Jawad Al-Khafaji University of Kufa- College of Arts



أثر فلسفة نيتشه


I've been playing mental turnaround for the world of modernity leading role in the structure of the concept and the nature of the work, whether art Cecchelaa theatrically or text morally, in the starting thinking philosophically liberal looking for a new, and address all the challenges and weaves values ​​modernist compatible and ideological era, through the march - modernity, what Postmodernism, down to the modern post-modernity, suggesting understood the philosophical shift mental and search in entity core values, and clear impact of the philosopher (Friedrich Nietzsche) in the heart of these values, as well as the philosophy of contemporary art in all schools and trends that were realistic or classic modern or romantic and also Albornasah and expressive and absurd and others, the search in the aesthetics of the literary text and properties held by the literary text contemporary in all trends, because this text is able to influence the public, and raise their emotions, the goal is to achieve a fun and thrill in its drafting, so calls in search of Aesthetics literary text that was poetry or prose or novel or short story, frame aesthetic which results in the context of literary schools of contemporary and which did not seek field to mention all of these schools, and we went in our search to the most famous, in the direction of a pattern literary particular objective or subjective, what matters framework year for this text, and thereunder of different components, such as words and structures, images and symbols and nods and others that are psychological artist and his sense of growing force in clarifying this concept, embodied in the symbol of human excellence philosophy lute eternal has considered philosopher (Nietzsche) important art is that human Next Through this genius (Superman), which made him in most schools and contemporary trends, for example, their flags .


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كريم زيد, and الخفاجي حسن. “The Impact of Nietzsche’s Philosophy on the Aesthetics of the Literary Text”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 20, Nov. 2014, pp. 295-24, doi:10.36317/kaj/2014/v1.i20.6368.

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