Umm Al kitab) and the Holy Qur’an -Analytical


  • Hanan Khalil Ibrahim Shubar جامعة الكوفة / كلية الفقه
  • أ.د. ستار جبر حمود الأعرجي جامعة الكوفة - كلية الفقه



: Umm Al kitab, Al lawh Al Mahfuz, The Holy Quran, clear Quran., Quran


         Umm Al Kitab is considered the first stage of the stages that The Holy Quran went through. After presenting the verses in which the term is mentioned, we will notice that it has been repeated three times in Surah Al Umrah, Surah Al Ra'aed and Surah Al Zukhruf.

This research starts to preview the term 'Umm Al Kitab' in Surah Al Zukhruf specifically.

'       Umm Al Kitab' means the origin of every book and Al Lawh Al Mahfuz(The Preserved Tablet) because everything is written in it.

Most scholars agree that Umm Al Kitab is the same as Al lawh Al Mahfuz and that Al Lawh Al Mahfuz is preserved from changes and alteration.

        Other scholars see that Umm Al Kitab is The Holy Quran and the original version of every holy book.

Yet there's also scholars who see that Umm Al Kitab is only The Holy Quran and is not that of other holy books.

The research then explored the term Al Lawh Al Mahfuz which contains The Holy Quran.

Al Lawh Al Mahfuz is not prone to deletion, change and alteration.

This research also provides an explanation for the stages of The Holy Quran


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Shubar, Hanan Khalil Ibrahim, and الأعرجي أ.د. ستار جبر حمود. “Umm Al Kitab) and the Holy Qur’an -Analytical”. Faculty of Jurisprudence Journal , vol. 1, no. 46, Apr. 2024, pp. 97-121, doi:10.36324/fqhj.v1i46.15789.



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