Strategic alignment and its reflection in entrepreneurial performance


  • Adnan Raheem Hammood University of Kufa, University Office



strategic alignment, pioneering performance


     The current study aimed to show the level of interest of the study sample in the Kufa Cement Plant in strategic alignment and entrepreneurial performance, as well as seeking to know the role played by strategic alignment and its dimensions (communication, efficiency, governance, participation, infrastructure, skill) and entrepreneurial performance and its dimensions (creativity, risk, proactivity).
     Where the importance of the study and its growing role emerged as it deals with topics of great value in the business environment through the use of modern methods that work to address the rapid changes and various challenges.

    The strategic alignment method has become the best of those methods to address these challenges by achieving consistency and integration between the various business units and employees to achieve outstanding entrepreneurial performance.
     To achieve the goal of the study, we relied on the questionnaire as the main tool for collecting information, which consisted of (30) questions distributed by (18) questions related to compatibility, while the entrepreneurial performance consisted of (12) questions.

The form was distributed to the sample specified in the Kufa Cement Plant who hold a position (Director, Associate Director, Department Head, Division Manager). Because they have more experience and expertise in their field.
strategic alignment, entrepreneurial performance

As (120) forms were distributed and (110) forms were retrieved, and (5) invalid forms for statistical distribution were excluded, so that the research sample was (105) officials, the data was analyzed by relying on the program (SMART PLS).

The main research hypothesis was tested, and we reached a number of conclusions, the most prominent of which were. The Kufa Cement Plant’s level of interest in entrepreneurial   performance is less than its level of interest in strategic compatibility. In addition to the presence of a significant entrepreneurial performance, except for the two sub-hypotheses related to (efficiency and governance), which were rejected.


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Hammood, A. R. (2022) “Strategic alignment and its reflection in entrepreneurial performance”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 18(2), pp. 789–812. doi: 10.36325/ghjec.v18i2.13913.

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