Dynamic geomorphic processes affecting the formation of landforms in Karbala Governorate


  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hassan Madfon Abu Rahil University of Kufa - College of Arts
  • Nawras Ali Hussein Al-Sultani University of Kufa - College of Arts




Karbala Governorate, gemorphism, dynamic, Stripping, confrontational


This research aims to reveal the nature of morphodynamic processes in Karbala Governorate and their variation and impact on the formation of landforms, as there is a close link between these processes and the nature of landforms and their variation. The research concluded that these processes have a clear impact on the formation of landforms in the study area, through the action of wind and running water. The effect of the winds on the erosion process was evident in the dry desert areas with sandy soil represented in the western parts of it. It also turned out that the landforms resulting from the water erosion process do not belong to the current climate, but rather to the climates of the rainy eras in the fourth time, but now the current rains despite I said it, it falls in the form of strong showers that help in the process of water erosion, especially in areas with fragile rocks and little natural vegetation. As for the aerobic deposition process, it is not clear in the study area, due to the flatness of the surface in general and the lack of erosion. It showed the process of water sedimentation in the Euphrates River through the river islands formed in its course, and the floodplain in the study area is a result of water sedimentation processes over long periods. severe


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Abu Rahil, Abdul Hassan, and Nawras Al-Sultani. “Dynamic Geomorphic Processes Affecting the Formation of Landforms in Karbala Governorate”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 43, Oct. 2021, pp. 11-32, doi:10.36317/kaj/2020/v1.i43.1458.

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