Reflection of literary commitment in the poetry of Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Zubairi


  • Wali Bharvand Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Shahid Chamran Ahvaz University, Ahvaz, Iran



Yemen, Literary Commitment, ZubairiPoetry, Al-Zubairi


The writer's sense of responsibility for the events of society and his age is called literary commitment. In this phenomenon, which is one of the most important literary topics in the recent decades, a man of letters, on the one hand, shows his commitment to human values and, on the other hand, considers himself obliged to reflect such issues in his literature. Literary commitment is one of the important issues that have had many opponents and supporters among writers and critics, and each of them has accepted or rejected it according to his own opinion and idea. One of the poets who have recounted the manifestations of literary commitment in the realm of his poetry is the contemporary Yemeni poet, the martyr Muhammad Mahmoud al-Zubairi. His poetry is an echo of freedom and oppression and depicts human dignity and honor. He not only supported his nation spiritually with his pen and language, but also fulfilled his religious and national duty by actively participating in the center of struggle. The purpose of this research, which is analytical-descriptive, is to examine the manifestations of literary commitment in Zubair's poetry and to introduce him as a model poet and fighter. This article shows that Zubairi never considered himself alien to the political and social issues of his age and always carried his religious and patriotic mission along with other libertarians. This study also shows that he has led Muslims to a sense of pride, self-confidence and unity by referring to the all-encompassing dimensions of Islam and has avoided any backwardness and division. This paper also shows that defending and serving the country created such a salience in Zubair that the language could not speak about. Neither persecution, nor imprisonment, nor exile could stop him from thinking about his nation. He saw it as his duty to free his clean homeland and its oppressed people from the clutches of hypocritical rulers and tyrannical rulers, and to bring them freedom and peace. The study also states that Zubairi considers the issue of Palestine to be beyond race and borders, and considers it to be the common ground of the oppressors and freedom-seekers of the world. He also believes that all the free people of the world, of all faiths and backgrounds, are ready to rush to the aid of Palestine and sacrifice their lives. This article also shows that from Zubair's point of view, free people should not remain silent and calm in the face of rebellious and oppressive rulers who oppress their people and rule them with tyranny


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Bharvand, Wali. “ Reflection of Literary Commitment in the Poetry of Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Zubairi”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 51, Mar. 2022, pp. 81-118, doi:10.36317/kaj/2022/v1.i51.3541.

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