Syria's attitude on the Iraqi-Iranian war 1986-1988


  • Prof. Dr. Hyder Sa'ad Jewad University of Kufa - College of Education for girls
  • Instructor .Assistant Amina Ala'a Muhammad University of Kufa - College of Education for Girls



Iraq, Syria, Iran



Syria has rejected  the Iranian  accupation of the Fow peninsula ,but there was no fundamental change in the Syrian position. In addition ,some  differences in viewpoints between Syrian and Iran regarding the situation  and accumulation of Iranian debt with Syria have led Tran to stop supplying Syria with oil. which led to a worsening of the economic situation in Syria ,in return the Arab Galf  states offered  financial and oil aid to Syria if it accepts a dialogne with Iraq, under pressure from soviet union and Jordanian  mediation ,he met Iraqi and Syrian presidents in April 1987,but this meeting yielded nothing .

The Syrian positions has tilted towards finding an end to the war, after  Syria found it difficult for Iran to win victory ,after the intervention of the V.S  .A in the war and the progress of the Iraqi forces towards regaining their lands and advancing towards Iranian lands, Syria welcome Iran's acceptance of UN security council Resolution 598 and promised that it would be a wise behavior on the port of Iran.


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