The fatwa of the reference and the Islamic jihad


  • Prof.Dr. Rahim Khouribet Attia Al-Saadi Kufa University / Kufa Studies Center



jihad, the reference, the fatwa of the sufficient jihad, jihad and the messenger, jihad after the Messenger of God (PBUH), the supreme authority, the defense of Iraq, the defense of sanctities


This research delves into an important and detailed issue. One of the important points that relates to the lives of Muslims is jihad, and jihad is directed at the enemies who want to eliminate Islam, so it is necessary to fight them, deter them, attack them, and take the tribute from them if they refuse to enter Islam until their evil goes away. The Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace) described it as “the pinnacle of the hump of Islam” because of its impact on the lives of Muslims. And jihad is of two major categories, a sufficiency obligation and an individual obligation, and it falls into the first category: the jihad of demand to open lands where there is no Islam, the jihad of advocacy, and the jihad of education. The second section includes jihad against the soul, jihad against Satan, and jihad to defend the earth. The Noble Prophet (peace be upon him) exhorted Muslims to be serious in its many forms and in various ways, including jihad of the heart, jihad of the tongue, and jihad of the hand. When a man said to him (peace be upon him): Shall I strive? He said: Do you have parents? He said: Yes. He said: “In both of them, he strived.” He (peace be upon him) also said: The one who strives for the widow and the needy is like the one who strives for the sake of God. Word of Jihad in the way of God Almighty in the sense of fighting. “God’s way” means putting an end to tyranny, and that the intention in it is purely for his honorable face, and the intention is not for the sake of greed and to obtain prestige, money or authority, and this is the purpose of fighting in Islam. With this, what is rumored today about Muslims that the Islamic religion is a religion of the sword and calls for killing, bloodshed and oppression of others are deflected. It is not right for the one who controls the necks of Muslims to strike the land in the north and south in order to seize the property of others and rob them of their rights and freedoms by interpreting the Holy Qur’an according to his whims or taking from the preachers of the sultans what they justify that. The Almighty’s saying: “Do not transgress” is clear in its significance, and there is no need for interpretation or interpretation, as it is forbidden to transgress in all its forms and manifestations. The other verses mentioned in the method of calling to God Almighty clarify this matter and urge it to be with wisdom and good preaching. And jihad in the sense of fighting here is not precluded from its other forms, as it is in its smaller sense here, and the forms of jihad are many to the extent that charity is included in it, in the Sunnahs that “the one who seeks charity with truth is like the one who strives in the way of God” and this expansion came from the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) and it is mercy dedicated to the worlds. It is incumbent upon us - the Muslims - to present to the world a true picture of our Noble Messenger (PBUH) and how he looked at matters with insightful perspectives that are valid for every time and place, and to be an example to the world in dealing with people with the guidance of the Noble Qur’an and the guidance of the faithful Messenger of God (PBUH) on his revelation calling for Goodness and guidance in a clear Arabic language, and to make the world understand that those who carry out terrorist acts in all their sects and forms do not represent Islam in anything - even if they claim that - Islam is clear and the Qur’anic verses are clear in dealing with the infidels, hypocrites and demons, in return for that no person has the right to be lenient in the limits of God Almighty On the pretext of “politics” or on the pretext of “interest” or otherwise, it is not correct to disregard the wise law of God revealed to His Messenger, for we are commanded to follow the guidance of God’s Messenger (peace be upon him). Islam will remain until the Resurrection, and the message of the Noble Prophet will remain, and will not change with the change of politics or worldly interests.”

Our Lord, do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us, and grant us from Yourself mercy.


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