Measuring Quality Culture Using the Rocket Scale


  • Dr. Yousef Hajim Sultan Al-Taie University of Kufa / College of Administration and Economics



measurement, culture, the quality, Roque scale


Total quality management has become the price tool on which the hopes of many researchers and specialists in this field have pinned, and organizations are racing to apply as many basic principles as possible, and this was evident in the theses and research that were destroyed, but most of these writings did not adequately address the most important basic pillar, except how to measure the culture of quality and the extent of  the impact of This culture is based on the adoption of total quality management, and despite the relative modernity enjoyed by this place, it is considered one of the ancient places, which has its roots in the early writings of ancient civilizations such as Babylonian, Pharaonic, Roman and others. Ibn Junaid and his jurisprudential views: a study in  the jurisprudence of  stone


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Dr. Yousef Hajim Sultan Al-Taie, University of Kufa / College of Administration and Economics

دكتور في جامعة الكوفة / كلية الادارة والاقتصاد



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Al-Taie, Y. (2004) “Measuring Quality Culture Using the Rocket Scale”, Journal of Kufa Studies Center, 1(1), pp. 249–287. doi: 10.36322/jksc.v1i1.4748.

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