The value of neighborhood in the mind of the ancient Arab poet (objective study)


  • Zaid Abdul Hussein Yousef Al-Akaishi The Islamic University - College of Education



neighborhood value, Arab poet, Before Islam, Thematic construction, neighborhood dominance


The ancient Arab poet lived in an environment governed by a set of agreed-upon values of praise and disparagement, until it became in some cases dominant over his mind during the objective construction of his poetic text, so that he could not escape from it or escape from its domination over him, as it fused with his conscious mind or the collective unconscious, and from These values are the value of neighborhood, which began as a customary social value that must be observed by every Arab, and then turned into a tool used by the Arab poet in his literary product. From here came the desire to study the value of neighborhood that dominates the mind of the Arab poet, when he praises, satirizes, or is proud, and to know its reasons and motives, which for a number of poets have become an essential basis in the objective structure, as well as transforming the poetic text into an ethical board that carries with it features Social in an artistic way that writes life and the process for it according to the age of the people of society, so that whoever attaches the value of neighborhood to it has become a priority among the people of his people and a cause of pride for him and his children.


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Al-Akaishi, Zaid. “The Value of Neighborhood in the Mind of the Ancient Arab Poet (objective Study)”. Kufa Journal of Arts, vol. 1, no. 47, Apr. 2021, pp. 419-46, doi:10.36317/kaj/2021/v1.i47.236.

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