Comprehensive leadership and its role in achieving strategic clarity


  • SAJJAD MOHAMMED ATIYAH AL-JANABI unversity of kufa, Faculty of Administration and Economics
  • Anmar Shihab Hamad Al-Jaafari unversity of kufa, Faculty of Administration and Economics



comprehensive leadership, strategic clarity


This research aims to reveal the extent of interest of the researched organization represented by (the Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residence in Najaf), with the research variables (comprehensive leadership and strategic clarity), as well as testing the relationship and influence between them. Analyze the data, which were collected based on the questionnaire form.

It was presented to the arbitrators in the field of business administration and as indicated in Appendix No. (1), it included (39) paragraphs distributed among the research variables and their sub-dimensions, as an intentional sample of (160) department and division managers was chosen, and distributed to them to answer the paragraphs of a questionnaire The research and retrieved (135) questionnaires valid for statistical distribution, with a response rate of (84%).

The research tested two main hypotheses based on ready-made statistical programs (Smart PLS and SPSS v.23), and a set of results and conclusions were reached, the most prominent of which was that comprehensive leadership is a basic requirement in the strategic clarity process; Because the decision maker can think with a long-term view and the ability to take note of the environmental variables.

 The relationship between comprehensive leadership and strategic clarity is a new construct, and it is one of the factors that affect the nature of employees’ behavior and provide them with an appropriate climate, which contributes to developing organizational performance and avoiding organizational problems.

 The results of the research confirmed the necessity of applying comprehensive leadership and its combined dimensions at the level of the organization under study, which by its nature enhances strategic clarity.


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AL-JANABI, S. M. A. and Al-Jaafari, A. S. H. (2022) “Comprehensive leadership and its role in achieving strategic clarity”, Al-Ghary Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 18(1), pp. 218–246. doi: 10.36325/ghjec.v18i1.13964.

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