The most important theories of international conflict management - reality and application


  • Ahmed Abdul-Hussein Idan Deibel The Islamic University of Najaf - College of Information



Theory, conflict, international, concept, parties, tools


The phenomenon of conflict is one of the most dynamic and dynamic phenomena in influencing modern international politics, especially after the radical transformations that followed the end of the Cold War, which were reflected in the nature and content of international conflicts, and after the decline of military and ideological factors and the escalation of economic and cultural factors in international relations, as the research deals with exploration and analysis The content of the theories that tried to explain the nature of international conflicts and their management and dealing with the most important means and mechanisms of those conflicts, and despite the importance of cultural factors as a driver of contemporary international conflicts, but the strategic factors associated with power and national interests remain strongly present in most conflicts, and cultural factors are resorted to in many Sometimes to cover up the prevailing power politics and its consequences in the contemporary world.

Different theories of international conflicts give different answers to the main questions:

Q1/ What do wars and conflicts mean

Q2/ Why do wars and conflicts occur

Q3/How do wars and conflicts occur

The research provides a descriptive and key review of the most important theoretical discussions in terms of assumptions, implications, and limitations, which have evolved significantly since the end of the Cold War until today. We need to know and study the most important concepts and foundations of conflict and study conflict phenomena in the world, and proxy conflicts that are the main feature of most of the current conflicts, which are still ongoing, in addition to knowing the anthropological perspective on the various conflicts in the world to know the causes and nature of conflicts and their development.


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